Armed Forces

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staccato is my motto
automatic fire burst
should have thought oh wait
pulled the trigger too late
like a gamer could relate
to holding fate in chamber
with no waiver or waivers
not for freedom just slavers
invaders of your homes homie
you don’t know me for real
don’t know I wont squeal
cut a deal and go fed
Dead in reality
with little drama
buried with no ID
for your crying Mama

Flying Business Class

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I’m not smarter than you
Dont worker any harder
Otta stop to the pace
of the human race
in my face blooming
ungroomed while entombed
business still booming
Consuming the land
From forest to sand
Not outta our hands
stop snoring; the boring
chasing American dreamers
We might catch a Beamer
A schemer for Daytons
Not hating; just educating


Wake up Henry

Posted in Poetry on 12/03/2010 by ionnes

Henry you ornery, upon thee from Barcelona
Daytona or New York, ain’t no Red Bull winter
got a sled full of dreadful, but now full off bread
gone on a trip cause you tripped man
swerving in the lane came clipped
then flipped straight ripped
through metal as petals
from a flower
during late night hours
power lines live from the set
on deck inspectors check vital signs
had too much on your mind
you gonna be just fine
but that poor family just going out to dine
whine about the wine man
but now you doing time for your crime
pantomimes of their faces you see in places
serving in good graces never replaces the dead
stains don’t come out when painted in dark red


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Sociopath’s wrath with a mask
Seagram’s Seven in the flask
No one had to ask why he blunted
Objectification upon a birthing nation
Sensationalist claims earmarked to fame
From whence he came was an empire
Music from a liar not around a campfire
Learning from a burning desire of greed
Drinking whiskey as he made the trees bleed
Superseding humanity and life’s whole worth
Kneading the dough before he baked planet earth

Life is a fucking right

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Generational disrespect
Unfounded homes we found erect
Upon spawning in hades
Or way back in the eighties
Where Reagan slept
Heaven crept softly along
Changing the tune to a new song
No wages for workers
Only wall-street berzerkers
Gaining cash since birth
Attaining their girth
Worth the blood of their kin?
Where socialism is sin
Fearing truth over god
There is not even an odd
Jesus can’t pay for your healthcare
But you can for humanity’s welfare

Short stuff

Posted in Poetry on 04/26/2010 by ionnes

Some roar like a lion

and bang on their chest

While eating inside

on a chicken’s breast

Born with a gift

Blessed with the size

Never knowing beauty

with piss in their eyes

Marking as many

boundaries in turn

Only with broken knees

will the tall learn

Roma blues

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Totti or Toni
who cares theyre out
Mirko has the shit im talkin about
on tired legs out on the pitch
Vucinic is a bad ass son of a bitch
on tired legs but always clutch
No Scudetto and it wont matter much
Even Julio Sergio is out for days
Doni Marangon clean sheats can amaze